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Arm Pain and Numbness

Many people have had the experience of waking up with their arm numb because they had slept on it in a poor position, but if they were to wiggle their hand around and move their arm around a little bit the circulation comes back into the arm and they feel fine. But many times arm pain or numbness is caused from pressure on joints or nerves in the neck. Some of the main branches of nerves in the neck go down into the thumb and index finger while other main branches of nerves from the neck, go down the arms into the little and ring finger. Chiropractors know how to do the right tests to determine if there is a pinched nerve in the neck affecting the arms or hands. Sometimes numbness in the hands is from a carpal tunnel syndrome. At Bass River Chiropractic we have excellent success treating carpal tunnel problems nonsurgically.

Common causes of arm pain or numbness are whiplash from auto accident injuries, sports injuries or chronic poor sleeping position such as sleeping on your stomach.