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Chiropractic Therapy Cape Cod, MA

For patients who are experiencing chronic back, neck, leg, and other muscle and tissue pains, their days and nights can be a constant struggle. The excruciating pain can greatly affect one’s work and hamper enjoyment of basic life pleasures. Sure, there are costly physical therapies available, but for those who are seeking affordable alternative treatment for their health problems, chiropractic therapy is their best option.

Bass River HealthCare Associates, Inc. is the finest provider of chiropractic services that are easy on the pockets. For years, we have served residents of Cape Cod, Yarmouth, Centerville, and nearby areas. Our in-house team of experts delivers results that bring near-instant pain relief. Our goal is to be the top choice of patients every time they need a soothing chiropractic therapy.

Great Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy is among the most effective means of treating lingering body pains. This corrective procedure is known to be the best cure for chronic back and neck pains. It’s a therapeutic method that doesn’t require medication, which could sometimes be bad for vital organs, such as livers and kidneys.

Results-wise, chiropractic treatment provides the best outcomes that bring lasting relief to patients. Through our seasoned chiropractors, patients can finally say goodbye to unbearable days and nights. When you decide to avail our services, we promise to study your case history so we can make proper judgments on the best approach to adopt. We will likewise subject you to laboratory tests, such as neurologic and orthopedic, as well as x-rays, to help us determine the root cause of your body pains.

Our personalized treatment plan will be based on available clinical data, as well as on our judgment as to what the best methods are. But rest assured that you will get pain relief so you can get back on track and live an active and healthy lifestyle once more.

Our Experienced Chiropractic Doctors

We’re lucky to have as our lead doctors two of the most accomplished and experienced chiropractic doctors in the state. Dr. Brian Trudnak and Dr. Daniel Reida, graduates of the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic, are at the helm of our chiropractic therapy.

Under their care, we have helped hundreds of long-suffering patients finally experience freedom from excruciating pain. Our doctors have been treating patients for decades already, and they have exceptional expertise and knowledge of both traditional and modern chiropractic techniques. They are known for their unique and highly effective treatment approach, which has made us the leading clinic providing top-notch chiropractic services for clients in Cape Cod and nearby MA locations.

Our Chiropractic Treatment Methods

Chiropractic therapy is a multi-pronged approach that requires several methodologies to achieve positive results. Among the treatments and diagnostic methods involved are physical therapy, radiographic and neurological tests, adjustment of spinal subluxation complex, and soothing ancillary therapies. This specific therapy may also require working with other health care providers to achieve immediate healing and recovery of patients.

Convenient Treatments and Payment Options

We know how busy many Cape Cod, MA clients can be, which is why we make sure that we offer flexible schedules that run Mondays through Saturdays. This way, patients can simply pick schedules that are most convenient for them. Appointments are effortless through our hotline.

We also accept most health cards to accommodate the greatest number of clients possible. We are also conveniently located at South Yarmouth, so reaching our clinic is a breeze. Call 508-394-1353 for more details of our chiropractic therapy.