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A letter from July 23,2013:

Dear Dr. Reida,

Thank you so much for all your gentle and ever so effective treatment over the past few years. Your knowledge was always so helpful to me.

We have moved to Maine so I am no longer near you to receive your fine treatment. I just had to thank you for all that you did for me.


Ann B.


A letter from July 23, 2013:

Dear Dr. Reida,

You are a magnificent, if not terrific, chiropractor! The day I left for Connecticut my pain disappeared and I am fine, waiting for the next shoe to drop (just kidding).
Thank you for your letter of May 31, welcoming me as a new patient...Again let me thank you and your staff for their kindnesses and efficiency during all my visits - 900 of them - should be just 9, actually. It was a very rewarding and successful experience! You are the best!!!


Naomi O.


I have been a patient at Bass River since the beginning. I find it keeps me centered, out of pain and the massage therapy totally relaxes me. It is part of my key health regimen.

Donna H.


Marianne's massage was great. She did a great job getting my shoulder relaxed and knot free. It was a nice way to spend my Birthday!

Katie E.


I am Robert "Tex" Lavery,and I taught in the Barnstable and Dennis-Yarmouth Public Schools for nearly 40 years.I met Dr.Reida on January5th,1982 after I'd been injured in a job related incident months before.. I'd gone to Orthopedic surgeons,my primary care doctor, and other Chiropractic Doctors for medical help and relief from the pain I was experiencing (Sciatica).The Orthopedic surgeons prescribed surgery on my lower lumbar disc area,and I didn't receive comfort from the adjustments by the other Chiropractors,or pain killers from my primary care doctor.On January5th,1982 I met with Dr,Reida,was X-Rayed, and Dr.Reida prescribed a regimen of treatments EVERY MORNING at 5:45AM for the following 6+ months....( we were younger back then) with NO Payments due until I was satisfactorily healed and was able to be reimbursed by my insurance coverage due to my job related injury. Well 29+ years later,and able to function without pain (or surgery) I still am manipulated and kept healthy by this generous,caring,and incredibly knowledgeable Doctor of Chiropractic.....Dr.Dan Reida; my doctor. my friend !!! Thank You "Dan"

Sincerely, Robert M."Tex" Lavery


Since I got in a car accident earlier this year, I have been in a decent amount of pain. I was ejected from the car and that took a toll on my back and neck. I have been coming in three days a week for about a month. So far it has made my whole entire days better, from waking until I fall asleep. I have more energy, I feel happier with less stress and pain. Coming here was the best decision I have made since the car accident. I would recommend these chiropractors to everyone. Pain doesn't go away until you decide to do something about it. On top of the health results, the employees here are amazing. They genuinely care about making you feel your best.

-Sara G.