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Electric Stimulation

Electric Muscle Stimulation is a procedure used to passively exercise muscular soft tissue. The electrical current stimulates the nerve as they enter the muscle and gently contracts the muscle in a rhythmic pattern to promote healing, strengthening, and stabilizing factors in the recuperating muscle.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic Ultrasound is a method of stimulating tissue beneath the skin's surface using sound waves. Ultrasound therapy increases blood flow in the treated area which speeds the healing process. Ultrasound therapy reduces swelling and edema which are the main source of pain. Ultrasound waves gently massage the muscles, tendons and/or ligaments in the treated area. This enhances the recovery rate of damaged tissue without adding strain, and softens any scar tissue that is usually present in an injured area.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser Therapy, sometimes referred to as low level light therapy, is a painless, non-invasive, drug-free treatment which is used to treat a variety of pain syndromes, arthritic conditions, sports injuries, wounds, fractures, neurological conditions and pathologies.

Laser therapy can be used any time a patient needs a non-invasive procedure for the control of pain, when conventional therapies have been ineffective, or when the acceleration of healing from injuries is desired

What to expect during a Cold Laser Therapy Session?

For most people, laser therapy is quite passive. Some patients have reported a slight tingling in a nerve root or a mild sensation of warmth. For the most part, the treatments, which may last 10 minutes, are not noticed at all. The Chiropractor will often combine laser therapy with some soft tissue work. Generally, the more chronic or severe the condition, the longer it will take to respond. The majority of conditions treated will take anywhere from 10 v 15 treatments. There are some conditions that will never completely resolve but can be helped and maintained with laser therapy. It may take 6 sessions or more before a marked change is perceived. Some people however, have felt immediate but temporary pain relief after the first session.

How does laser light heal?

Cold lasers supply energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons of light. Light is transmitted through the skins layers at all wavelengths in the visible range. However, light waves in the near infrared ranges penetrate the deepest of all light waves in the visible spectrum. When low level laser light waves penetrate deeply into the skin, they optimize the immune responses of our blood. This has both anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects. It is a scientific fact that light transmitted to the blood in this way has positive effects throughout the whole body, supplying vital oxygen and energy to every cell.

How does Cold Laser Therapy work?

  • Cold Laser Therapy promotes healing because it penetrates the skin, increases the ATP and activates cells enzymes.
  • Cells have an increase in growth factor response as a result of increased ATP and protein synthesis.
  • Pain relief is a result of increased endorphin response.
  • Improved cell growth and reproduction.
  • Immune system strengthens as a result of increased levels of lymphocytes.

Graston Technique

Graston Technique is a patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions. The Technique utilizes specially designed stainless steel instruments to specifically detect and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

What is intersegmental mechanical traction?

Intersegmental Traction is a specialized procedure designed to give passive exercise to the 110 joints associated with your spine. Spinal injuries cause the joints of the spine to lock up and lose their ability to bend and twist normally. This loss of mobility causes the disc to lose its nutritional supply and further hinders its function, pliability and flexibility.

Intersegmental Traction used in conjunction with Chiropractic care loosens (unlocks) joints and gives passive motion exercise and therapy which feed the discs between the vertebrae. This helps to return flexibility, elasticity, and preservation to that all important disc space which protects the opening for the spinal nerve.

The feeling of the Intersegmental traction has been described by patients as the "magic fingers" approach to back care.